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Drainage Company in Croydon and Warlingham | Preventing Rats and Other Infestations


With tens of millions of rats living in the United Kingdom, there’s a good chance that you may encounter one at some stage. Rats and mice thrive on a blend of water and food waste, so commercial drains in Croydon, Warlingham and the nearby areas can provide the ideal habitat. Infestations may not only damage the drain itself but also lead to unwanted visitors inside the property. In such cases, calling a professional drainage company may resolve the issue and stop these animals in their tracks.


In this blog, we cover some of the signs of an infestation and discuss how can restore your drains in Warlingham or the Croydon area to working condition.


Signs of an Infestation


If rats or mice have begun to enter the property, you may notice droppings and chewed food or wrappers. Scratching sounds can be surprisingly loud, indicating a rodent in the walls or beneath the floor. Because rats can cause widespread damage to your drains, you may find that you need help from a drainage company sooner rather than later.


How All Systems Flow Can Help


CCTV drain surveys allow us to inspect your drainage system without disrupting your home or commercial property. This gives us a better idea of any problems, such as in hard-to-reach places, and can reveal key entry points that allow pests into your Croydon or Warlingham home.


Using this cutting-edge technology, our drainage company will help you find out exactly where they are coming from and advise on an effective strategy.


Preventative Measures


Rats are naturally attracted to litter, so make sure you dispose of leftovers in the bin, instead of down the drain or around the property. Protective guards, drain flaps and strong food containers can reduce this risk overall, but an infestation can arise in Croydon, Warlingham or the nearby towns for any reason. As a drainage company with over a decade of experience, we can help secure your drains and remove blockages 24-hours a day.


Restoring Your Drainage System


One of the most common ways to fix a damaged pipe after an infestation is through drain relining. Formed through a fast-setting epoxy resin, drain lining creates a pipe within the damaged structure for long-term use. In many cases, this lining is even stronger than the original installation.


Depending on the scale of the damage, our drainage company may recommend further action. We always ensure our clients in Croydon, Warlingham and the nearby regions fully understand the reasons.


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